Antonio Obrador: “Nonconformism and self-criticism are of the utmost importance in any creative work”


• The prestigious designer Antonio Obrador extols creativity and defends tradition in all his works, encompassing those newly built as well as refurbishments of old buildings, single family homes and hotels.

• There is a great number of renowned figures and celebrities for whom he has renovated, built or designed their private homes who can attest to his professional career.

Antonio Obrador

Palma de Mallorca, 8th of August 2014.- Influential in design, architecture and space refurbishment, Antonio Obrador Vidal is a domestically and internationally renowned creator of places, with the uncanny talent of creating, building, renovating and recreating a space fully in keeping with the culture and history of the place.

Obrador not only defends the importance of and respect for the landscape during the
creative process, but also the empathy and mutual understanding between the architect and the customer in the best interests of the works, in such a way that at the end, as sustained by the designer, "The customer thinks of himself as the creator of his own project".

The creative philosophy of Antonio Obrador and his team of professionals is based on a very simple principle—that of finding the solution suitable to the needs of each customer. According to the designer, to achieve this, "involves carrying out a conscientious study" wherein a wide range of factors are analysed: sensibility in the location, respect for the environment and optimal distribution of materials, among which are porcelain, stone or wood, taking into account the views and lighting.

In his capable hands, a house may cease to be an inhospitable and unwelcoming place and instead become a welcoming and friendly place, even avant-garde or minimalist in keeping with the current times, in which the essence and identity are always preserved. "You can be creative while doing popular architecture", he firmly affirms, convinced that the blend of a strong sense of the aesthetic with the right balance between tradition and modernity is the key to his success.

As regards his projects, Antonio Obrador has designed, refurbished and built private homes which have turned into bona fide corporate embassies such as the summer house Marmacén of the former President of the Government, Adolfo Suárez, the homes of Mallorcans Sebastián and Gabriel Escarrer, owners of the Sol Meliá hotel chain and that of Miguel Fluxá, owner of the Iberostar holding.

He has also been charged with the design of the mansion for German supermodel Claudia Schiffer and for the distinguished Spanish families March and Fierro. “For these homes, the style is based on luxury but without forcing it upon the nature of the building and its environment, but rather restoring the beauty of each area and further enhancing it”, Obrador explains.

In the case of hotel renovations, “the guest must feel significantly better than in his own home”, therefore the materials must be perfect to recreate pleasant, elegant and comfortable milieux. His works include the refurbishment of the five-star hotel Son Net in Mallorca, described by the magazine Conde-Nast among the twenty-five best hotel restoration works in the world, the Hotel La Residencia in Deià, the Hotel Son Vida and the “iconic” Hotel Cap Rocat, a military fortress from the 19th century, located in a secluded area of Palma de Mallorca, as well as the Gran Hotel Majestic on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona and the Hotel Florida on top of Tibidabo mountain, also in the city of Barcelona.

Local, domestic and international institutions alike, have all rewarded Antonio Obrador's skill. He was given the Prize for Urban Planning of Palma City, accolades from the Quality Committee of the Barcelona City Council for his involvement in the Hotel Florida and the Ramón Llull prize in the Balearic Islands.

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Antonio Obrador: “Nonconformism and self-criticism are of the utmost importance in any creative work”
Antonio Obrador: “Nonconformism and self-criticism are of the utmost importance in any creative work”