3rd of September 2014
Antonio Obrador
The hotel URSO, located at the heart of Madrid in a discerning and peaceful environment, has been renovated by the designer Antonio Obrador, who has created a place wherein the Neoclassical aesthetics of the stately, old mansion blends with the modern style and the elegance which this distinguished and luxurious hotel exudes, while preserving its architectural characteristics to achieve an extraordinary ambience endowed with comfort.

The prestigious designer Antonio Obrador, char (...)
8th of August 2014
Antonio Obrador: “Nonconformism and self-criticism are of the utmost importance in any creative work”
Influential in design, architecture and space refurbishment, Antonio Obrador Vidal is a domestically and internationally renowned creator of places, with the uncanny talent of creating, building, renovating and recreating a space fully in keeping with the culture and history of the place.

Obrador not only defends the importance of and respect for the landscape during the
creative process, but also the empathy and mutual understanding between the architect and the customer (...)